What is the shortest lease you offer?

A 12-month lease is our standard. Please feel free to contact our team to see if other leasing terms are available. Leases from 18 to 24 months are possible on a conditional basis.

What are the requirements to lease a home in Belterra?

To lease from Belterra, you must be 18 years of age or older, fill out an application, pay the application fee, participate in our screening process, and provide all necessary documentation. Belterra uses a rental screening service to determine credit eligibility based on an analysis of credit score, credit history, and criminal background. The non-refundable application fee is $50 per person. Certain felony convictions may generate an automatic denial. We require all applicants to have at least 2x (two times) the listed rent in verifiable income. You may be asked at any point in the process to provide your government issued identification for verification. Federal occupancy standards allow for two persons, independent of age, per bedroom plus one additional person per household for all rentals. Example: 3-bedroom house = 7 persons allowed For more details, please reach out to our knowledgeable leasing team with your specific questions.

Where can I pay my rent?

You may pay your rent online through our convenient portal on our website.

What is included in the Lifestyle Fee?

Lifestyle provides Smart Home technology, pest control, community security, lawn care and landscaping for your front and back yard, air filter changes, and general and emergency home maintenance. This all comes standard for a small monthly fee. Lifestyle also gives you direct access to community events, parks, playgrounds, dog park, sports fields, sport courts, amphitheater, walking trails and hundreds of acres of lakes for fishing and paddleboarding.

Can I still lease if I have a bankruptcy?

All approved applicants must have favorable credit histories above 580. Bankruptcies or previous landlord debt may be grounds for application denial.

How do I sign or receive my lease?

After your application is approved, our leasing team will email you a link to sign your lease electronically. You will receive a completed copy for your records once all parties have signed.

Do you participate in Housing Assistance Programs?

Belterra welcomes all applicants and is fully committed to complying with the letter of any local law or authority where required by law. All applicants will undergo the same screening process, must execute our lease, and pay their security deposit within 48 hours of approval via certified funds.

Can my pet(s) live with me?

Yes, and while we love all our pets there are some restrictions on what types of domesticated animals are allowed to live on property. We do not allow aggressive breeds/types of animals. There is a maximum of 3 domesticated animals per home. If your animal is found to be aggressive after moving in, you may be asked to remove them permanently from the premises.

How may I contact my property manager?

Your property manager may be contacted through the resident portal on our website or via phone call.

Where can I put in a maintenance ticket for my home?

Please submit your maintenance requests through the resident portal on our website.

Who do I contact for issues with my cable or internet connection?

For any connection issues, please contact Greenfield Communications 24/7 Technical Support at (888) 230-0020 option 1.

May I paint my rental home?

You cannot repaint the exterior of your rental home. To paint the interior, tenants need written permission from the property manager. Make sure to get approval before starting any painting projects. Tenants are responsible for returning the home (and paint color) to its original condition before moving out.

How and when can I use the community center?

As a Lifestyle+ member, you have access to the Tres Lagos Community Center during normal hours as outlined in the lease packet. Please contact your property manager to reserve facilities, outside normal hours, with the Tres Lagos HOA.